Settled in Curitiba, ParanĂ¡ our company focus in human capital and investment 100 % national, born to assist in various aspects of automation and logistics . Analyze and understand customers' processes and needs for developing them further is positioning the AGVs ahead of the competition.

We have strong expertise in automated guided vehicles(AGV), with continuous innovation, customer-oriented design forms the basis for our operations and products.

We improved the AGVs logistics operations and processes of our clients through a comprehensive offering of solutions and services that include from design and planning to logistics solution until post sales services and reengineering , developed together with the customer .

The AGVs offers a complete line of modular solutions in automation and logistics that are manufactured in series or tailored to the specific application needs of the client. For customers this means easy implementation and lower total cost of ownership, so the investments pay for themselves quickly, pay backs often less than one year.