Widely used in the automotive industry AGVs have various applications such as:

- Transportation of parts from the warehouse to the production line;

- Device Mounting aid, the AGV takes the product through various stations where operators will add value;

- Transfer between stations or areas of the production process;


AGVs have the main application in the food industry transporting raw materials to the machines and the final product to the place of shipment.

This carriage can be made through direct trailer pallets or even dedicated to own the product packaging form.


With applications in hospitals throughout the world the AGVs main activities are:

- Transport of medicines, waste, and food;

- Transfer of stretchers between beds;

- Transport of linens and uniforms to the dry cleaners, and can be used for hard work to clean and contaminated areas;


The greater applications in logistics activities are:

- Handling/storage organization (dynamic or static);

- Transportation of raw materials or finished product from the receiving points - Industrialization Process - Points of dispatch;

- Transport of specific loads which can not be done through common equipment(trucks/trailers) as products of large volume/weight or even requiring greater care or delicacy;