As priority number 1, the security issues are taken very professionally by the AGVs.

Upon recommendation of the Standard VDI 2510, the maximum speed of the AGVs will be limited to 1 m/s (3.6 km/h).

Following the Norm NR-26 ( Yellow(126.004-9/12)) the AGVs should be yellow as predominant.

To detect the obstacles AGVs has sensors and bumpers, which prevent the collision of the AGV with people, machines, structures, etc.

We recommend that the AGVS regardless of the selected obstacle sensor is used redundantly bumpers capable of operating independently of the programming routines, so that even with an electronic failure the VFA does not provide any security risk.


For AGVs tugs and loaders we use sensors developed exclusively for automated guided vehicles. For all situations are demarcated two areas in front of the AGV, a more distant than if invaded the AGV will reduce speed, a second area closer to the AGV will be emergency area, if is detected an object is this area the vehicle will stop immediately.


This is an optional accessory but highly recommended by AGVS, the bumpers was developed by us are sensitive to impact and have a robustness for operation in an industrial environment system. The AGVS bumpers have independent functioning of programming routines, it allows operation even with a possible electronic failure.


In order to further increase the safety of our equipment, all AGVs are equipped with sound and lights.