For all situations AGVS investment will ensure a profitable system against the current applications, we always seek the best components at the best prices. In this case the maintenance of the equipment can be taken by the customer or AGVS as needed.


Seeking to attend more customers, the AGVS enables the leasing of its products. Thus, through monthly payments, you can take advantage of our equipment. This way of acquiring the customer need not worry about maintaining the equipment that will be taken by the AGVS own preventive and corrective manner. The manner of implementation of these systems should be treated case by case.


The implementation of automated guide systems will always be supervised by our staff, even in situations of simple addition of vehicles to meet increased production, will be available for monitoring.


During each implementation of a new system, the AGVs provides training to customers for the proper use of equipment and the training of maintenance personnel to correct any occurrences following our service level agreement.



If you are needing a AGVs for any specific job, please contact us, visit Special AGVs link to see what we can do for you.