Optical orientation sensors detect a white band between two black, these can be painted or tapes. Being the cheapest option is recommended for areas of little forklift traffic, or even exclusive areas to AGV routes. In this application the AGV needs only de diference of black and white to identify the route. No adjacent equipment needed.


This, sensors detect a metal strip on the floor, which may be a simple metal band, or even plates with cutout planned route. This application does not depend of adjacent equipment.


The Inductive Guidance Frequency has an antenna that identifies the signal emitted by a cable (flexible 1.5 mm) placed at about 20 mm from the surface. This implementation is highly recommended for most high traffic areas of equipment and machines, which could possibly be damaged any other type of identification. To identify the route with the antenna, a frequency generator should be installed in a panel near of the AGV´s route.


In this case the sensors detect a magnetic strip on the floor, it can be obtained in rolls and are also indicated for areas of little lift truck traffic. This application does not depend of adjacent equipment.


For this application a laser sensor that fixed the AGV is guided through reflective points, which are fixed at strategic points such as columns and walls are used. Because it is a system with higher cost than the others, the use of this technology is only recommended for high traffic areas where it is not possible to cut the floor.